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College of Intensive Care Medicine

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Trainee e-news

27 November 2015

From the Trainee Committee
shutterstock_envelope.jpgWelcome to our final trainee e-news for 2015. We hope trainees have found it informative and a useful communication strategy. The e-news is developed by the combined efforts of CICM Training and Communication team and your national trainee representative. Much hard work is spent on producing these articles and I thank all of the trainee committee for their efforts. If there are topics you would like to see in future e-news editions, or if you would like to submit an article, then please email your ideas to your state / territory trainee committee representative. Details can be found on our website: Trainee Committee.

In addition to helping with the e-news, the trainee committee is involved at all levels of college activity, providing a voice for trainees at regional committees and national board. The last 12 months has seen much focus on the College’s accreditation process, with trainees partaking in face-to-face meetings and teleconferences with the Australian Medical Council including sessions in Melbourne and at the ASM in Darwin. Additionally, the past year has seen committee members participate in meetings with other organisations such as the Australian Medical Association Doctors in Training; review and selection of recipients for the CICM Overseas Aid Grant; hospital accreditation visits and development of education material and courses. In 2016, the trainee committee will meet for a workshop in February, to take part in the development of an online induction program for new trainees.

I thank all the trainee committee members for their contributions to the CICM in 2015 on behalf of trainees. In particular I would like to make mention of the efforts of Dr Sarah Yong (Victoria), who has been instrumental in establishing the Victorian Primary Exam Preparation Workshop and The women in Intensive Care Network (WIN), and Dr Louise Speedy for her contribution to the Hospital Accreditation Committee.  I would also like to thank Dr Rob Bevan – New Fellows Representative on the Board and Chair of the Trainee Committee for his support and guidance as he continues to be a tireless advocate for trainee issues. 
Interview: Establishing work-life-family balance.
shutterstock_Blue-Speech-Bubble.jpgArticle by Sarah Yong, Victorian Trainee Representative. 
Sarah chats with Jan Yeung (intensivist, Bendigo Health) about her experiences starting a family and working part time during her trainee years.
With gruelling exams, arduous shift-work rosters and demanding clinical workloads, it’s no wonder trainees often don’t have time to think about establishing work-life-family balance.

What would you say were the greatest challenges when starting a family during training?

There were multiple challenges that I honestly hadn't really considered before I started thinking about starting a family.  First was working out my priorities and deciding whether to start a family during training or wait til I finished.  It is definitely different for everyone, but for me, I was already in my mid-30's and decided that if I waited longer but found out that I couldn't have children, I would be devastated and would always wonder whether I should have started earlier.  Then there was trying to 'time' the pregnancy for the most 'convenient' times of the year.  Of course, you may not fall pregnant when you want to because there is only so much control over these things.  Then there were all the worries of what would happen if I got pregnant before the jobs for the following year were advertised and looking pregnant at the interviews.  

Thankfully, that didn't end up happening.  But it is a definite hurdle when planning a family.
Trainee Profiles
shutterstock_Fellow-Profile.jpgKristin Hayres, South Australian Representative

I came to medicine the long way round, having worked for a number of years in the Federal public service in International Aviation Policy. Boredom and more than a touch of frustration with the political process resulted in a career shift to medical school and eventually an intensive care trainee. I am currently working as an infectious disease registrar at Alice Springs Hospital (something that is never boring), completing the last of my medicine requirements before returning to Flinders Medical Centre ICU in 2016.

shutterstock_Fellow-Profile-(1).jpgDr Clark Maul, Paediatric Representative
I'm currently appointed as a Senior Registrar in the PICU at the new Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane and have previously worked in the PICU at Sydney Children's Hospital. I have completed the RACP Paediatrics Examinations (which doubled as my CICM Primary), leaving the PICU Fellowship Exam to look forward to. Before starting out in medicine, I worked as a lawyer for nearly 5 years in a corporate law firm in Perth. My legal background has manifested in an interest in medical administration and I've held various roles in this respect including as a member of the medical advisory committee for the insurer MDA National. 
On behalf of the trainee committee and the College, we wish to recognise the hard work of all those involved with the recent examinations, a massive commitment by candidates and examiners.  

First Part
-  48 candidates sat the written
-  26 candidates were invited to the orals
-  24 candidates were successful overall

Second Part
52 candidates sat the written
35 candidates were invited to the oral
12 candidates carried their written mark
47 candidates attended the orals
32 candidates were successful overallSecond-Part-sectional-pass-rate.PNG

Second Part Paediatric
13 candidates sat the written
9 candidates were invited to the orals
8 candidates were successful overall
Hospital Accreditation
Seeking Expressions of Interest for Trainee Representative
Are you interested in participating in Hospital Accreditation Inspections teams? Senior Registrars are encouraged to attend hospital inspections to enhance their training experience and gain insight into what goes into accrediting a unit for ICU training. Currently, there are two Victorian inspections scheduled for 9 and 10 December.
To register your interest for the upcoming inspections or for future inspections, please contact Natasha Wilson, natashaw@cicm.org.au.

CICM Online Courses
As part of the current training program, the College has published a variety of online courses which can be accessed via the Education tab of the Members Portal. These courses are mandatory for trainees who registered after 1 January 2014, and optional for all other trainees and Fellows. 

The following courses are currently available to be viewed and completed,
- Brain Death and Organ Donation
- Burns and Inhalational Injury
- Cultural Awareness
- Focused Cardiac Ultrasound in Intensive Care
- Neuro Intensive Care
- Safe Patient Transport
- Spinal Cord Injury

For those trainees on the current program, please don’t forget to send the assessment department, assessments@cicm.org.au a copy of your certificate when you satisfactorily complete one of our courses.

Regional Committee Presentation Evenings
In the last month we have held two Trainee Formal Project Presentation Nights in Queensland and Victoria. After a wide expression of interest from CICM Trainees, the top six abstracts were chosen from Victoria and three from Queensland. In addition to the Formal Project presentations, these proved to be excellent forums for Trainees and Fellows to meet up and network over dinner.

We had presentations from Rashmi Ghanpur, Douglas Hacking, Paul Power, Larissa Douglas, Tal Gadish and Wendy Henderson from Victoria along with Amy Krepska, Craig McDonald and Yi Chung Bong from Queensland. The presentations were well received and our winners were Craig McDonald and Douglas Hacking who will get free registration to the 2016 CICM ASM in Adelaide!

NSW Trainee Research Presentation Evening (Sponsored by Pfizer)
7 December 2015

Deadline to RSVP to Kayla closed on Monday 23 November. Please contact Kayla if you have any questions, kaylah@cicm.org.au

The NSW regional committee are holding a trainee research presentation evening, Monday 7th December at the ICU Auditorium Royal North Shore Hospital. We encourage all Fellows and Supervisors from NSW to attend this evening of presentations and college networking.
Reminder: Registration Closing Date
Applications for registration (October - December) with the College are due on the 31st December. Please submit your application prior to Christmas/New Year holiday break to ensure, your application is processed efficiently.

For any questions, please contact Natasha Wilson, natashaw@cicm.org.au.
Courses and Events

This ASM will be like no other. With the theme of ‘Minds and Machines” we have gone beyond a focused single system conference to look at how our minds work, how we treat the damaged brain and on the machinery that is becoming increasingly used for organ support and diagnosis. We have exciting local and international speakers presenting interesting and thought provoking topics that can’t be found from a text book.

See you in Adelaide!

2- 3 March 2016

The 2 day course is specifically designed for Trainees who are close to completion of training and our college Fellows. 
Participants will increase their knowledge and develop skills in various non-clinical aspects of consultant practice:
- Management skills (Performance and Conflict resolution skills)
- Negotiation
- Economics and challenges to ICU
- Risk Management and Patient Safety
- Quality and Benchmarking

With the guidance and knowledge of our leading International and National experts, join us for what promises to be an exceptional course, designed to improve your management skills.
Management Skills Course Review
By Naomi Diel

The transition from senior trainee to consultant is one of the most challenging of any training program. Whilst having completed a prolonged period of check box training and examinations may seem enough the formal training program is only a touch on the roles and responsibilities of the modern intensivist.  I attended the CICM Management Course in March of this year alongside a varied group of senior trainees and junior consultants. The course was a structured and comprehensive overview of the other side of intensive care medicine, the “what goes on in the office”, which as trainees studying the theory of intensive care medicine, learning the clinical applications and processes is only superficially understood. The course provided an opportunity to think beyond the ward round and into the business of intensive care medicine. Just what is clinical governance and QI apart from a popular question at job interviews? How to deal with a trainee in difficulty, conflict management and how to write a business plan. Credit to the faculty as they managed to make a seemingly “dry” subject relatively entertaining and used some novel ways of teaching. The course is well run, the dinner is enjoyable and the faculty are approachable and interested in what they are teaching. This course is a good nuts and bolts overview of that involved in the non-clinical side of medicine. As a trainee transitioning into a fellow and consultant intensivist it was a good start and introduction to a large proportion of our non-clinical responsibilities. I would recommend this course for trainees who are at the end of their training or in a fellowship or transition year.

Victorian First Part Exam Course for CICM
By Toby Jeffcote

The ICU first part exam is relatively new and few practicing senior ICU clinicians have experience of preparing for and sitting the exam. The combination of this fact and the notable breadth of topics covered in the syllabus means that preparing for the exam can be a daunting prospect, particularly in terms of choosing which topics to focus on and the depth to which they should be studied.
With this in mind the VPECC course fills a significant gap in provision of preparation courses for the ICU first part exam. The course focuses specifically on exam preparation and technique and does not seek to teach any specific exam topics didactically. 

Click here to read the full review.

Resourses at your fingertips!
Courses and Events
Don't forget to check our the courses and events section of our website to see what is happening Australia wide and internationally.
You may want to also have a look at the face to face and online courses located in the training section of our website, if they are relevent to your training. 

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2016 CICM Calendar of Events
College Christmas Closure
The college will be closed from Friday 25 December and re-opening on Monday 4 January 2016.

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